Youth Mental Health & Addictions Education Series

Youth Mental Health & Addictions Education Series

Are you involved in the care and support of children or youth experiencing challenges with mental health and/or addictions? Youth Mental Health and Addictions Education resources are available to you and will equip you with tools and information.

The Education Series was developed by experts, including multidisciplinary clinicians (Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychiatric Nurses, and Social Workers) as well as Elders and Knowledge Keepers. The modules promote awareness of culturally responsive supports and resources while offering tools and techniques that embed addictions care within the mental health framework.

Who is This Education Series For?

This free education series is encouraged for non-mental health specialists who work with children or youth facing mental health and addictions challenges but are not necessarily treating them.
This includes parents, foster parents, social workers, group home workers, teachers or those who support children and youth living in northern communities.

A Roadmap For Navigating Your Learning Path

Each module is focused on a common mental health/addiction issue and associated interventions. Choose any module, in any order and work through them at your own pace. A certificate of completion will be provided for each module completed.

All modules can be found on the Shared Health website. If you have any questions about the education series please email


The Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre (MATC) received funding from the Province of Manitoba to develop a range of mental health training modules for province-wide delivery, building ongoing capacity in supporting Manitoba’s child and youth mental health and addictions

Education Modules

MODULE 1 Accessing and Navigating the Mental Health and Addictions System within Manitoba
MODULE 2 Understanding Mental Health and Addictions Issues in Youth – An Overview
MODULE 3 Indigenous World View Teachings
MODULE 4 Cultural Considerations in Mental Health Care — Supporting Refugee and Immigrant Families
MODULE 5 Attachment and Development — Ages and Stages
MODULE 6 All About Depression
MODULE 7 Anxiety in Youth
MODULE 8 The Basics of Youth Bipolar Disorder and an Overview of Psychosis
MODULE 9 All About ADHD/ TICS/Tourette’s Disorder
MODULE 10 All About Autism Spectrum Disorder