Mosquito Control Program Underway

Mosquito Control Program Underway

The City of Winnipeg’s efforts to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay has begun!

City crews have begun proactive mosquito larviciding in ditches and low-lying areas, the most effective approach to controlling mosquito populations. It targets larvae in the aquatic stage before they emerge as adult mosquitoes.

This year’s program will continue to be based on an environmentally-mindful strategy and will include:

  • A 100% biorational larviciding program using ground equipment and four helicopters
  • Monitoring and treating over 28,000 hectares of water area on an ongoing basis based on weather conditions
  • Monitoring for adult nuisance mosquitoes in New Jersey Light Traps, with the first trap counts being posted May 8, 2024 on the Insect Control website
  • Adult mosquito treatments as required

Adult mosquito treatment would only be initiated if the requirements of the City policy, the AFA Guidelines, and the Provincial Pesticide Use Permit are met.

The City will:

  • Conduct any required adult nuisance mosquito control using DeltaGard 20EW
  • Prioritize areas with highest nuisance mosquito populations and respect any buffer zones in place
  • Notify the public 24 hours ahead of any fogging activities and provide daily updates on where treatment will occur that night

Larviciding with helicopters

In accordance with Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation Division, our contractor operates under a low flight waiver to apply larvicides at low altitudes.

When larviciding occurs above public areas like athletic field and golf courses, the City will close the area to the public for the duration of the treatment, as well as 20 minutes before and after.

Disruption to the public will be minimized by posting signage approximately 24 hours in advance of any planned treatment. These treatments will occur in early morning and use longer lasting larvicides to limit the number of applications needed over the summer.

Buffer Zones

Buffer zones prevent application of DeltaGard within 90 metres of a specific property. Residents can apply for a buffer zone adjacent to their principal residence but submitting a letter and photo ID linking them to the address.

Applications can be submitted:

A minimum turnaround time of 72 hours is required.

To help do your part, please eliminate standing water by following our #DrainDumpCover protocol:

  • Drain water from eavestroughs and unused containers
  • Dump standing water from containers like wheelbarrows, bird baths, and kiddie pools
  • Cover rainwater collection containers and undrainables, like larger pools and water tables

You can also fill low-lying areas where water may pool and treat your property with commercially-available pesticides.

To receive an automated daily phone or email notification about insect control activities, register online or contact 311.

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