ReLeaf, City’s Largest Tree Planting Program, Open for Business

ReLeaf, City’s Largest Tree Planting Program, Open for Business

Winnipeg’s largest and longest-running tree seedling program is once again open for business and once again, bigger than ever. Trees Winnipeg’s bi-annual ReLeaf Tree Planting Program is now available to residential and commercial property owners in and around Winnipeg. The high-quality tree seedlings can be ordered online at $70 per package while supplies last.

“Even though we bring in more tree seedlings with every ReLeaf, we always sell out,” says Trees Winnipeg board member, ReLeaf co-organizer, and arborist, Matt Vinet. “This year we really want to emphasize that people should order their ReLeaf packages as soon as possible.”

Each year, the not-for-profit charitable organization carefully selects tree seedlings that can survive this climate, live in local soil conditions, and live for decades with the right care.

The nine tree packages available as part of spring 2022 ReLeaf are Pin Cherry, Swedish Aspen and ‘Skybound’ Cedar, Dwarf Goodland Apple, Silver Cloud Silver Maple and Paper Birch, Amur Maple and Silver Cloud Silver Maple, Prairie Sky Poplar and Swedish Aspen, Prairie Magic Apple, Bur Oak and Hackberry, Paper Birch and Silky White Willow. More package information available here.

Each order receives a bag of mulch, tree guards, tree care resources, and planting instructions by attending one of the planting workshops at Arbor Day or by viewing Trees Winnipeg’s planting video.

This year, all ReLeaf trees must be picked up at Trees Winnipeg’s annual Arbor Day event, which this year will be held on Saturday, June 4, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Rainbow Stage, Kildonan Park, Winnipeg.

Every year, ReLeaf is delivered by Trees Winnipeg in partnership with the City of Winnipeg and volunteer support, including that of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

About Trees Winnipeg

Trees Winnipeg, formerly known as The Coalition to Save the Elms, was founded in 1992 in response to the heightened threat to Winnipeg’s extraordinary American elm tree population by Dutch elm disease. Trees Winnipeg is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and educating the public on the urban forests and urban environments in Winnipeg and surrounding communities. They accomplish this by offering events and programs that raise public awareness about the role, value, and benefits of the urban forest, by providing education and training opportunities to the arborist community and the public, and by collaborating with like-minded organizations and community groups. More information on Trees Winnipeg can be found here.

ReLeaf Media Contact:
Matt Vinet, Trees Winnipeg board member, 204-471-8640