City of Winnipeg testing new methods

City of Winnipeg testing new methods

City of Winnipeg crews are testing out new methods for pothole repairs.

The current method in colder months using cold mix improves – but doesn’t fix – road conditions until it’s warm enough to use a more permanent hot mix. This cold mix helps, but ultimately has a relatively short improvement window.

Crews are now testing out a trial method of cold recycled asphalt and a proprietary tar called Road Soup. The hope is that this mix will provide better patching power during the winter months so our roads are in better condition come spring time.

Road Soup will be used as a supplement to the hot asphalt road repairs this summer. Crews will measure and monitor its effectiveness and longevity as we move into winter months and the next freeze-thaw cycle.

The new material could reduce the need for multiple repairs of the same pothole and increase the longevity of each patch.

You can report potholes by contacting 311 or by using the online form.