Winnipeggers invited to provide feedback on short-term rentals

Winnipeggers invited to provide feedback on short-term rentals

The City of Winnipeg is exploring options for regulating short-term rentals and is seeking input from residents and people in the accommodations industry.

Short-term rentals are temporary accommodations (less than 30 consecutive days) in a dwelling such as an apartment, house, or condominium, provided by a property owner or principal tenant in exchange for payment. These accommodations contribute to the local Winnipeg economy, provide adaptable accommodation options, and provide additional source of income for Winnipeggers.

The City is exploring regulations to mitigate negative impacts and concerns caused by short-term rentals, such as impacts on the housing market and rental housing, noise, and loss of sense of community.

We want to hear from Winnipeggers on the challenges and opportunities of short-term rentals, and feedback on the regulation options being considered to determine the best approach for Winnipeg. Residents can provide feedback by taking an online survey until June 30, 2022.

The City will also meet with stakeholders representing local residents, short-term rentals, and others in the accommodations industry.

Feedback received will help inform recommendations on regulating short-term rentals that will be presented to Council in fall 2022 for its consideration.

Visit to take the online survey and to learn more.