Summer Block Parties

Summer Block Parties

It’s time for summer block parties!

Block parties are a time-honoured way of getting to know your neighbours. From knowing who you can borrow a cup of sugar from, to letting us know who belongs to which neighbour’s yard, community cohesion builds safety.

I support anyone who wants to organize a block party in the River Heights – Fort Garry Ward by providing a Per Capita Grant to help out and cover the cost of any permit fees from the City.  You can close down your street for one heck of a party!

Please contact the office at and we can send you the application.

Everything you need in one place: City of Winnipeg Block Party How-To 2022

10 Great Reasons to Host a Block Party

  1. Helps us feel safe by knowing who lives around us
  2. Promotes interaction between neighbours of all ages
  3. Increases a sense of belonging to the community
  4. Provides an opportunity to know your neighbours better
  5. Encourages neighbours to look after each other and the neighbourhood
  6. Connects long-time and new neighbours and teaches about neighbourhood history
  7. Builds stronger communities which have the power to make a difference
  8. Animates open spaces for social gathers and safe, active play
  9. Boosts our health when we feel welcomed and included
  10. It’s fun!!