Zoning changes approved by Council will impact River Heights/Ft. Garry Ward

Zoning changes approved by Council will impact River Heights/Ft. Garry Ward

The Mayor and a majority of City Councillors have approved zoning amendments that will impact the River Heights/Ft. Garry Ward.

The zoning amendments are part of the $122 Million provided by the Federal Government under the Housing Accelerator Fund to support increasing housing supply and affordability.

The zoning amendments will provide more types of residential developments that can be built in the area including lot splits, side by sides, duplexes and, tri-plexes.

For a better understanding of the first round of zoning changes please refer to the grid below.

There continue to be concerns with the impact of these changes for the River Heights/Ft. Garry Ward, including;

  1. Millions reduced for investment to our Parks and Trees
  2. No cash to pay for the impact of growth on neighbourhoods
  3. It is not equitable – not City wide
  4. Your voice is taken away
  5. Lack of support for affordable housing

The other upcoming potential development changes that have not been approved are part of the Federal Government Funding requirements, including the development of malls and corridors such as Academy, Corydon, Grant, Taylor, and Stafford for mid-rise buildings, allowing for four-plexes, and four-storey residential development as of right on all properties and no parking requirements for most properties in the River Heights/Ft. Garry Ward.

I will continue to work with the Mayor and Council to address concerns and keep you informed of requests to change more zoning in the River Heights/Ft. Garry Ward.

For more information, please contact our office at 204-986-5236 or email me at jorlikow@winnipeg.ca.