Omand’s Creek Pedestrian Bridge

Omand’s Creek Pedestrian Bridge

The Omand’s Creek Pedestrian Bridge needs replacing and we want to hear your thoughts.

The City of Winnipeg is inviting residents to help start the design-build process with a unique “pre-design” public engagement program. This will help put together what the community wants and needs.

This project will be a fresh start to discussions in 2010. At that time, work on a new bridge stalled due to community concerns with the proposed designs.

This time, we are asking questions about:

  • Improving pathways around the bridge
  • Whether feedback in 2010 is still relevant and if it was interpreted correctly
  • Key areas of park use
  • What the community values about the park
  • What criteria the community would like us to use to evaluate potential designs

The Omand’s Creek Pedestrian Bridge and surrounding pathways are an important east-west active transportation connection between Omand Park and Wolseley.

The bridge will require replacement within five years. There are also some critical issues that must be addressed, including not meeting accessibility standards and ongoing flood concerns.

Winnipeggers can share their thoughts on the bridge via online survey and online mapping tool until June 10th or at the park itself from 4:00 – 7:00 pm on Thursday, May 30, 2024.

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