Yard Waste Collection Program

Yard Waste Collection Program

This year’s curbside yard waste collection program began this week for homes in yard waste collection area “A” and begins the week of May 8 for homes in yard waste collection area “B”. Residents can also drop off yard waste for free our 4R Winnipeg Depots.

Yard waste is collected at the curb once every two weeks, on the same collection day as recycling and garbage, and will continue until November.

Residents can find out their yard waste collection days by:

Residents can put their yard waste in:

  • Any reusable container without a lid (e.g., plastic tubs, old blue boxes, old metal or plastic garbage containers), containers should not be broken or damaged
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paper yard waste bags (available at many stores)

Yard waste in plastic bags will not be accepted because the plastic bags do not decompose and will ruin the finished compost.

Residents are urged not to rake any yard waste material or debris onto the street as this can plug the street drains and cause ponding problems as well as increase the risk of basement flooding.

The City also reminds residents to place their yard waste containers at least an arm’s length away from their recycling and garbage carts, and to store collected yard waste away from buildings. It is also recommended that yard waste be put out for collection no sooner than the evening before your scheduled collection day.

Residents are reminded to never burn yard waste or any other waste as it affects air quality and can lead to a fire. Do not put waste items up against your home, fence, garage or shed, as this can be an easy target for opportunistic arson.

Please put your carts and/or yard waste out before 7 a.m. on your designated day, as waste that sits out for an extended period can be a target for arson. If you have large waste items like mattresses, furniture, or appliances, schedule a pickup online or contact 311.