Transportation Options: IG Field

Transportation Options: IG Field

Looking for options to get to IG Field to watch the Blue Bombers? You’re in luck!

Winnipeg Transit’s Southwest Transitway can take you from downtown to the University of Manitoba and IG Field. There are also two park-and-ride stations at the Clarence and Seel Stations.

Interested in cycling? The Southwest Transitway has an active transportation path, fitted with bike lockers at each station and with illumination at night to enhance safety and visibility. Once at IG Field, there is a Bike Valet at Gate 3 to safely store your bike during the game.

If you prefer to drive, ensure to prepare by checking theĀ Waze app for construction and road conditions before leaving. IG Field has parking and park & ride option available. Make sure to note any and all neighbourhood game day parking restrictions.

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