Brenda Leipsic park fall 2020 update

Brenda Leipsic park fall 2020 update

I know that we are all anxiously waiting for the full opening of the Brenda Leipsic Dog Park, unfortunately the entire dog park is not quite ready for our canine friends nor us.

It is unfortunate that the north portion of the park is not ready to be opened yet but the contractor and the City of Winnipeg do not want to permit any traffic on the north portion until the deficiencies are addressed.

Presently, the grass remains too fragile to withstand foot and paw traffic and there are an abundance of voids and bare soil patches (see picture).  

If the grass is not ready and these bare spots remain when the dog park is fully open the park will severely damaged. The turf will become favorable for weed encroachment, and voids will become mud pits, increasing in size during rainy days. It would be very costly for the City of Winnipeg to fix afterwards, and likely require closing the park again in the future.

The contractor is addressing these deficiencies and successful handover to the City of Winnipeg is estimated for Fall 2021.

The City of Winnipeg will continue to work with the contractor to assist in getting the park open up so we can all enjoy the premier dog park in Winnipeg.

Take care,

Councillor Orlikow