2021 budget highlights

2021 budget highlights

On November 27, the preliminary 2021 budget update was tabled at a special meeting of the Executive Policy Committee. Over the next few weeks it will pass through Standing Policies Committees for public comment, and then be finalized by Council.

Last years multi-year budget provided a strong fiscal foundation for the city, even in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic. “The preliminary 2021 Balanced Budget Update provides a prudent plan for financial stability as the City continues its response to the ongoing global pandemic” said Scott Gillingham, Chairperson of the Standing Policy Committee on Finance.

Some highlights of the 2021 budget include:

  • $7.6 million to ease the burden of the pandemic, including property tax deferrals, small business grants, and funds for community centres
  • $152 million for road renewal, a $22 million increase from 2020
  • $112 million for core recreation services like libraries and community centres, including $50 million over three years for capital upgrades
  • A new $1 million 24/7 safe spaces program
  • $18 million increase to the Winnipeg Police Service, including the Bloomberg 911 call reduction program
  • $3.3 million to support affordable housing and our economy through grants to developers and additional planning staff
  • $13 million for our urban canopy over three years
  • $104.3 million for Winnipeg Transit, a 55% increase
  • $180 million to continue the combined sewer conversion program

To see a full listing of the 2021 preliminary budget, see the budget at a glance document or visit the multi-year budget: 2021 webpage.

If you would like to voice your opinion on how this budget allocates resources, sign-up to appear in delegation and speak at a Standing Policy Committee (SPC). SPCs consider the city budget for the departments which report to them, and hold public hearings on the preliminary budget to ensure Winnipeggers priorities our reflected in the city’s spending. View a full list of meetings here, and how to submit your comments here.