What's the Matter About Giving You a Say?

January 27, 2012

January, 2012

It was with amazement and disappointment that the Executive Policy Committee decided to "kill" my motion about protecting our green space and putting a public process in place regarding any possible sale of the City’s golf courses. The Motion was put on the agenda without notice which has results, since my three years on Council, for the item to be automatically referred to the appropriate Standing Committee for proper discussion. The reason provided for “killing” the motion was that it was premature. I disagree as the process as already started and the public have already not been engaged.  Past experiences and evidence do not allow for the luxury of trusting that environmentally sensitive, significant heritage or alternative uses will considered. The solution is simple: 1)      The City follow its own policy in regards to selling of significant green spaces 2)      The City consult and assist the community at looking at alternative uses Newspaper Article


Motion that was "killed"


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