WITH ART & Youth WITH ART Community Public Art Programs - Deadline Jan. 12, 2016

Nov 03, 2015 - Dec 31, 2015



Would you like to be matched with an artist to collaborate on a public art project?

The Winnipeg Arts Council invites applications from community groups for the community-based WITH ART & Youth WITH ART programs.

WITH ART matches community groups with artists, writers, musicians, playwrights, filmmakers and/or choreographers to collaborate on projects based on community goals. Exploration and the art-making process are central to the program. Community groups from diverse sectors who have a history of working together are invited to apply.

Youth WITH ART focuses specifically on youth aged 6-21. Youth-engaged community groups who would like to collaborate on youth-focused art projects are invited to apply.

Deadline for receipt of applications is January 12, 2016.

For full program details and application guidelines, please visit the Call to Communities web page and download the WITH ART or Youth WITH ART guidelines.

Please forward this notice to community groups that may be interested in this program!

Every WITH ART project is different! Here are a few examples:

Artist Jennie O and the Valley Gardens Middle School Grrlz Club created a team of superheros to combat teen challenges including gender discrimination, stereotyping, body-issues, depression, anxiety, gossip, peer pressure and bullying. Together they made costumes and sculpted clay and cloth dolls to represent their alter-egos in a deck of trading cards.

Theatre artist Hope McIntyre created a play about the daily struggle to access food with participants from a Winnipeg Harvest Food Bank depot at the Unitarian Church.

Filmmakers Ervin Chartrand and Jim Agapito worked with the youth of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba to create Live/Life from 95, a rap song, video and making-of documentary that reflects the immigrant and refugee experience from the point of view of young people.

Dimitry Melman-Komar with the Elwick Community together transformed a visually drab but vital community centre in the densely populated area of the Maples neighbourhood in Winnipeg into a powerful work of art and community action.

Musician Lindsey White and youth from the Manitoba School Improvement Program’s The Peaceful Village composed, performed and recorded original music.  The three songs were featured in a music video and mini-documentary, and debuted live as part of a community concert.      

For more examples of completed WITH ART projects, please visit the Gallery of Public Artwork.


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