How do you want your garbage and recycling picked up?

December 27, 2010

Winnipeg is developing a Garbage and Recycling Master Plan. The environmental, economic and social impacts of garbage affect all of us. A Master Plan will:

outline the future of garbage and recycling services in our city, cover all types of customers (i.e., residential, multi-family, industrial, commercial, institutional, construction and demolition, the City of Winnipeg corporation), address the entire process – from collection to processing to disposal, and reflect the vision of Winnipeggers.

What do we hope to accomplish?

The goals of the master plan are to:

Protect public health Promote environmental stewardship Provide a fair and equal level of service to all customers Set waste diversion goals Identify waste diversion programs and strategies that will help us achieve those goals Accommodate population growth projected to be 180,000 new residents and 83,000 new homes over the next 20 years Help residents and businesses reduce and divert their waste Update the Brady Landfill Master Plan and obtain an environmental licence for the landfill Be financially sustainable

Why develop a master plan?

City Council directed administration to develop a Garbage and Recycling Master Plan before proposing any more changes to the existing services. The goal is to present a master plan to City Council in fall 2011.

Creating this plan is supported by the Sustainable Water and Waste Direction Strategy created through the OurWinnipeg Initiative and SpeakUpWinnipeg process.

Why do we need a master plan?

Winnipeg generates over 750,000 tonnes of garbage a year from all sources. The harmful effects of this garbage in our landfill include:

Methane gas widely recognized as a potent greenhouse gas more than 14,000 tonnes given off every year – equivalent to annual emissions from approximately 70,000 passenger vehicles Leachate a harmful liquid generated when water passes through garbage pools underneath all of the garbage and needs to be removed and treated at our wastewater treatment plants 55 million litres treated every year.

Winnipeggers are currently diverting only 17% of all residential waste from the landfill, which is among the lowest for cities in Canada. Solid waste diverted includes recycling material, yard waste (seasonal leaf depot program) and Christmas Trees (drop off program). A key goal of the master plan is to provide options for residents that will increase the diversion to at least 50%.

We know there are many things we could be doing better — and we need your help to get there.

What is the process?
Our vision and plan for the future of garbage and recycling services will be built through a six-month conversation with Winnipeg residents through SpeakUp Winnipeg. The public involvement will take place in three phases:

Phase 1: Dialogue (Nov – Dec 2010)
Phase 2: Exploring (Jan – Apr 2011)
Phase 3: Confirming (May – Jun 2011)

How can I participate?
There will be many opportunities over the next six months to SpeakUp on the Garbage and Recycling Master Plan.

We will be updating SpeakUp Winnipeg regularly with information, blog posts and videos. There will also be a calendar listing of all of our round table and open house sessions. Join The City's mailing list, visit us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on the plan.