City of Winnipeg Flood Preparations

March 19, 2019

Details on the City’s response to potential river flooding will be determined once the Province of Manitoba presents its updated detailed outlook.

City employees have been working on annual spring flood preparations for several weeks. The City is reviewing its river flood protection measures, making preparations for temporary and permanent pumping, closing river gates, and sealing manholes, among other activities. 

At this time, sandbags are being made available for pick-up by Winnipeg residents who need to protect their properties against overland flooding. Residents picking up sandbags for overland flooding will be required to provide photo identification to confirm their Winnipeg residency.

Winnipeg residents can now pick up sandbags for overland flooding at the following locations between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.:

Springtime thaws also increase the risk of basement flooding across the city. Homeowners are reminded to take steps to protect their homes and property. Although basement flooding is a risk at any time of the year, the risk increases in the spring because the sewer system must rely heavily on pumping stations rather than gravity to carry the water runoff due to higher river levels.

Homeowners are reminded to take the following steps to protect their homes and property:

  1.     To ensure maximum protection against basement flooding, arrange for a licensed plumber to install a sewer line backup valve and a sump pit with pump in the basement.
  2.     Inspect backup valves and sump pump drainage systems to make sure they are functioning properly.
  3.     Ensure drainage is directed away from the home by extending downspouts away from the basement walls and ensuring the earth is built up around the house.

Property owners are reminded it is against the law to drain sump pump water into the basement floor drain or any other part of the house plumbing system, as it can overtax the sewer system placing their basement and those of their neighbours at risk of flooding and damage.

For more information, please see: City of Winnipeg – EmergWeb.