New Sunnysides Street Light Pilot Project

February 03, 2018

Contributing to the character of our community is our octagonal shaped heritage-style street lights, our “Sunnysides”, an urban design feature much beloved by many of our constituents.

Manitoba Hydro (Hydro) is starting a pilot project to replace the Sunnyside light fixtures in Winnipeg as they age out and Hydro moves to LED lighting.

Once the new fixtures are up, we want your feedback. The new octagon light fixture was chosen to reflect the time period of the historic Sunnysides and be as close in design to the original.

The sample lights will be installed in selected locations in the coming weeks and will be in place into the summer months so that we can see their effect and illumination in different seasons.

  • Waterloo Street, North of Academy Rd. for half of a block
  • Ash Street, South of Wellington Cres. for half of a block

Hydro is looking for feedback from you on:

  • The style of the light and pole being used.
  • Other qualities, such as light trespass or glare.

Feedback can be sent directly to Coun. John Orlikow at 204-986-5236 or

For specific installation locations, click here.