Sou'wester Neighbourhood Forum - Everyone Has a Role to Play as a Community Partner

June 25, 2016

Strong partnerships are the foundation of any thriving community and there is nowhere it’s more evident than in River Heights-Fort Garry.

While I’m honoured to be your partner through my role as city councillor, I considered myself one long before I was first elected to public office. I strongly believe that everyone, in each neighbourhood, has an important role to play in fostering a safe and prosperous place for all of us to live, work and play.

Queenston School’s partnership with the Corydon Community Centre, Kelvin High School’s Active Living Centre grants and Grant Park High School’s field are just a few recent projects that show what’s possible when we all work together towards a common goal.

Some of our most influential community leaders are the teachers and staff at our local schools. As their years come to a close, I’ve been pleased to assist in funding for upcoming celebrations and ceremonies at various levels. Whether it is through book awards or support to carnivals, it is a small token of thanks for all that our schools and those who run them do for our neighbourhood.

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