City fo Winnipeg Fraud & Waste Hotline

June 15, 2016

The City of Winnipeg has established a Fraud & Waste Hotline that is available to all citizens. It provides citizens with a convenient and confidential way to report incidents of wrongdoing, as well as other issues and concerns. The Fraud & Waste Hotline is operated by the City Auditor's Office, an independent audit office reporting to Council. Information in reports can only be accessed by the City Auditor’s office. The City Auditor will review each reported case and, if necessary, launch an investigation. They will ensure an appropriate, objective and impartial investigation is conducted, regardless of the alleged wrongdoer's position, title, and length of service or the relationship with the City of any party who might be involved in such an investigation.


Reports should be about a specific incident and must, to the extent possible, include the - “who, what, when and where." Contact the Fraud & Waste Hotline to report:

  • Illegal or fraudulent acts
  • Misuse of City resources
  • Theft of City property or funds


Citizens are encouraged to report any observed or suspected fraud, theft or misuse involving City resources through the Fraud & Waste Hotline by phone or internet. You are not required to provide your name or any other personal information when submitting a report of suspected fraud. Information received through the Hotline is only accessible by the City Auditor’s Office.


Please remember, report of fraud to the Hotline should be made in good faith.

To report an act online, visit: To learn more about the types of acts or call 1-866-840-5837. To learn more about acts that should be reported, visit: