Community Safety Tips from The Smashed Windows Club

June 06, 2016

I’m extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of the Smashed Windows Club (SWC) in our ward over the past year.

Founded in February 2015, the SWC has served River Heights residents as an advisory and data collection organization for reporting and sharing information on car break-ins and other crimes within the community while liaising with the Winnipeg Police Services (WPS), media and other communities in the city.

Together, we would like to remind all residents to be aware and vigilant in their neighbourhoods, particularly in the month of June.

As provided by the WPS, statistics indicated that June 2015 saw a major spike in activity including vehicular break-in as well as similar activity to homes and detached buildings (e.g. garages).

Safety tips for all residents include:

  • Ensuring that porch and garage lights are turned on in the evening
  • Reporting all break-ins to Winnipeg Police Services, regardless of the amount of damage. Submission can be made online at
  • Reporting all suspicious activity to the police non-emergency line at 204-986-6222
  • If you see any crime in progress, reporting it immediately to 911
  • Sharing any activity witnessed with your neighbours and with the SWC group

If you are currently not an SWC member, you can request to join at: Please note that administrators require proof of residency before confirming your request. As such, administrators will be messaging you through Facebook to confirm your request and you must respond accordingly. 

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