Doing Our Part to Make Our Neighbourhood Safe

June 09, 2015

Stopping the recent spike in vandalism and vehicle break-ins in our community is a priority for me, the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) and River Heights residents — and together we can make it happen.

This spirit was out in full force on May 13 with over 250 residents attending the community forum that my office, in conjunction with the West District Crime Unit, organized at the Corydon Community Centre. That day, the WPS also went door-to-door in the neighbourhood to provide information and talk about solutions with homeowners and families.


Given the current concerns about this spring’s increase in incidents I had heard about from constituents calling my office, at events and in the news, I knew it was important to gather together to share our experiences and brainstorm new ideas to keep everyone safe.

At the forum, a number of members of the WPS shared details of Operation Comet, the project launched last year to address the rise in home/vehicle break-ins, vehicle thefts and vandalism.

Throughout the process, extensive Community Support Unit, as well as general police, resources have been deployed in the area utilizing the Smart Policing Initiative philosophy, which focuses on hot spots of crime. Representatives updated attendees on the specifics of the resources, the door-to-door education campaign, analysis of the situation, successes and stressed that efforts will continue until the issue is resolved.

Residents responded with questions and were provided with information on what they can do in their own neighbourhood, including making sure valuables are not left in cars, forming neighbourhood watch groups and participating in a grassroots Facebook campaign, called the Smashed Windows Club, to share information. The group, started on April 21, had 300 members at the time of the forum with another 100 waiting for membership approval.

As a result of the overwhelming attendance at the forum and significant social media interest, the WPS received the clear message that River Heights residents are engaged and prepared to actively participate in existing efforts and new programs to make their neighbourhoods safer.

I’m proud of our community’s response to this troubling wave of crime and I’m dedicated to continuing to work with you to ensure we can all feel secure. To help with this, I am sharing the flyer put together by the WPS on what you can do to protect yourself, your neighbours and your property.

Together, we can make our neighbourhoods safer than ever before.

The following attachment is the Project Comet Flyer WPS have been knocking doors in the community with this past spring. Project COMETS Flyer 2015