Waverley Underpass - Why it is needed and What is needed

September 20, 2013

September 2013, Winnipeg and the Capital Region around Winnipeg are growing and much of that growth is occurring in the South of the Ward. 

The result is increased traffic commuting to and from downtown, through our neighbourhoods, from the suburbs and increasingly from outside the City.

This reality means that The City of Winnipeg must find a way to ensure this traffic moves around neighbourhoods and not through them. 
  The Kenaston Blvd extension and delayed widening and the planned Pembina underpass expansion are to improve traffic flow for a majority of traffic uses regional routes that are designed to take the majority of the existing and future commuter traffic. Waverley Street is not a regional street and needs to remain so.
  The Waverley/Taylor underpass is required due to disruption to neighbourhood traffic caused by the failure of the intersection due to the increasing length and number of trains blocking traffic.  
  To make sure that the underpass works:

·         The underpass needs to ensure that additional traffic is funneled onto and off Taylor Avenue to and from Pembina Hwy. to ensure neighbourhoods are protected.

·         The underpass design is based on improving traffic flow through the intersection but does not make the street a regional corridor.

·         That the existing community and businesses in the area are consulted and needs addressed.

There are new upcoming upgrades to various intersections along Taylor Ave including the intersection at Taylor and Pembina that will help facilitate traffic flowing to and from Pembina Hwy. via Taylor Avenue.
  There will be a City of Winnipeg public consultation related to the Waverley underpass planned in the near future which we need to make sure that our concerns are addressed.
  I will update when more information is available.