Dog Adoption Sale

May 15, 2012


The City of Winnipeg Animal Services Agency will be holding an Adopt-a-Dog sale on Tuesday, May 15, Wednesday May 16, and Thursday, May 17, from 12:00 noon to 5:30 p.m., 1057 Logan Avenue.
All in-house dog adoptions are only $99 and include license, micro-chip, spay/neuter, basic shots, food and pet health insurance.
As of Monday, the agency had 42 dogs in its Logan Avenue facility and 26 of those dogs were available for adoption. None of the remaining stray dogs in the facility were wearing a dog license.
One such dog that was picked up without a license and is now up for adoption is Dandi -
Animal Services officials remind the public that dogs over six months of age must have and wear a dog license. Stray dogs found wearing a current license are given a “free ride home” once a year.
In 2011, 601 dogs wearing a current license were reunited by 311 without ever setting foot in the Animal Services’ facility. Dog license tags protect one’s dog and license revenues help provide the essential service of animal control in Winnipeg.
To license your dog or view pictures and videos of dogs for adoption visit:
Animal Services officials remind pet owners to call 311 and visit Animal Services if you lose your dog.