Councillor Orlikow's Position Regarding Arts Funding in the 2012 Operating Budget

April 04, 2012


The lack of Vision associated with the Mayor’s 2012 Operating Budget is represented through the lack of funding to support the soul of Winnipeg, which is our Arts Community.




Art has proven to be an excellent investment that produces rich rewards for all Winnipeggers. The Arts attract and retain creative people and is the catalyst to creating and sustaining vibrant urban Cities.




The Winnipeg Arts Council’s Ticket to the Future provides a path in which The City of Winnipeg can use the Arts as a critical partner in shaping Winnipeg’s future.





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“The $50,000 is appreciated by the Winnipeg Arts Council, however, given the City’s flat funding of the WAC since 2007, and even with those new monies, WAC’ s program package cannot be sustained at its current level.  What is more alarming, however, is the stipulation attached to the use of $50,000.” stated Councillor Orlikow at the Council meeting on March 20, 2012 to approve the 2012 Operating Budget.

  “WAC has always maintained a relationship with the City as one of trust and confidence, and has always spent its allocation responsibly.  It has continuously met all the objectives of its mandate through both its commitment to the arts community and its fiscal and reporting responsibility to the City.    Putting conditions such as the one proposed in the current budget destroys that trust and confidence as well as the integrity of the arm’s length process.”   I will continue to work with the Winnipeg Arts Council and Council now in securing the necessary funding.