Stop the Sell Out

December 11, 2011

December 10, 2011 - Winnipeg Council is about to open up land for Rural Municipalities, so more people and business from Winnipeg can move there, thanks to Winnipeg selling our water. Pay half the property taxes and get all the services.

Winnipeg City Council is voting on delegating to the C.A.O. to sell water and negotiate land deals with Rural Municipalities and Council will not be allowed to vote on it. No way!

After attempting to determine how selling water to Rural Municipalities will benefit Winnipeg, I've come to the conclusion that will cost Winnipeg Billions. It’s a bad deal and sells out Winnipeg.

It promotes ex-urban sprawl, is bad for the environment and democracy, and needs to be defeated.

I have been able to determine that developers, Rural Municipalities land owners, Rural Municipalities, people moving to and living in Rural Municipalities will benefit from Winnipeg selling water.

Don’t believe me? I challenge anyone to show me how secretly selling water to Rural Municipalities will benefit Winnipeg or the environment.

Ask your City Councillor to explain or let him/her know that you are not in favour of selling our water to Rural Municipalities.

Councillor’s contact information is available at