News • May 2010


Bishop Grandin Boulevard/Kenaston Boulevard Multi-Use Pathway

May 28, 2010

Construction will begin in the summer of 2010 and expected to be completed before the fall. images/userfiles/SCAN3194_000 Bishop Grandin Blvd-Kenaston Blvd.pdf

Neighbourhoods: Linden Ridge, Maybank

Categories: Alternative transportation

Our Winnipeg draft plan consultation begins

May 27, 2010

Our Winnipeg is Winnipeg’s 25-year blueprint that will guide the physical, social, environmental, and economic development of our City of Winnipeg. There are also associat…

Categories: Alternative transportation, City Hall, Development, Roads, Sustainability, Traffic, Transit, Waste Removal

Join the "Friends of Peanut Park"

May 20, 2010

“Friends of Peanut Park” is set up by the community as an organization that has adopted the park and works with the City to restore "Enderton Park" and recapt…

Neighbourhoods: Crescentwood

Categories: Green Space

The River Heights Community Centre and St. Andrew's River Heights United Church are organizing a farmers' market

May 18, 2010

Calling all fruit and veggie farmers!  The River Heights Community Centre and St. Andrew's River Heights United Church are organizing a farmers' market be…

Neighbourhoods: Crescentwood, Grant Park, J.B. Mitchell, Mathers, North River Heights, Rockwood, Sir John Franklin, South River Heights

Categories: Community Centres, Green Space, Sustainability

The City of Winnipeg City Council is going to vote on an $1.6 Billion contract to partner with Veolia, a private multi-national water company, and I want to know what you think about it.

May 16, 2010

 The City of Winnipeg has been mandated by the Province to build two waste treatment plants and a biosolids disposal facility. This is estimated to cost $660 Million to design…

Categories: Waste Removal

2010 Property tax update

May 14, 2010

2010 General Assessment The 2010 General Assessment resulted in an average City-wide market value increase for all properties of about 67%.   Tax Freeze A tax freeze mean…

Categories: Taxes and Fees

New Playstructure for Van Walleghem Park

May 11, 2010

2009 - The City of Winnipeg has replaced the playstructure at Van Walleghem Park. "The old playstructure was past its time and needed to replaced" said Councillor Orliko…

Neighbourhoods: Linden Woods

Categories: Green Space

Changes to Lindenwood Drive East at Kenaston Boulevard

May 06, 2010

Eastbound left turning drivers on the private approach opposite Lindenwood Drive East at Kenaston Boulevard have difficulty seeing oncoming westbound through vehicles due to obst…

Neighbourhoods: Linden Woods

Categories: Roads, Traffic

Changes to Hurst Way/Wilkes Avenue at Waverley Street

May 06, 2010

Westbound left turning drivers on Hurst Way have difficulty seeing oncoming eastbound through vehicles due to obstruction by stationary eastbound left turning vehicles. In the 3…

Neighbourhoods: Beaumont, Linden Ridge, Linden Woods, Maybank, South River Heights

Categories: Roads, Traffic

City transfers Parker lands to developer

May 06, 2010

The City of Winnipeg has confirmed that title has been issued to the respective parties involved in the land exchange. The land therefore is now transferred to the developer …

Neighbourhoods: Beaumont

Categories: Development, Green Space

Traffic Light and other changes for the Harrow and Academy Intersection.

May 02, 2010

 The City of Winnipeg Standing Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works is voting on a report and is recommending approval of the traffic signal and blocking of Ha…

Neighbourhoods: Crescentwood, North River Heights, Wellington Crescent

Categories: Alternative transportation, Roads, Traffic