Truly a Bucket List: Things to Know Before You Go

Apr 07, 2018 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sessions will include:

‘Legal matters’ (wills, estates, Power of Attorney, duties & responsibilities of executor)

‘Leaving a legacy/enduring gifts’

‘At the Funeral Home’ (What are the costs? Are there laws about these things? Casket or cremation? Burial or scatter?)

‘Creating a meaningful time of remembrance’ (to have a funeral or not? Who can preside at a memorial service? What are some of the options?)

Cost: $10/session. $25/day. Lunch available $5.

For more information or to register: 

204-284-0079 or

Location: Harrow United Church

Street: 955 Mulvey Ave.

Phone: 204-284-0079