Provide your feedback on 5G small cell implementation.

Provide your feedback on 5G small cell implementation.

As wireless carriers begin to roll out 5G networks across the country, cellular providers will be conducting independent trials of small cell and 5G infrastructure in Winnipeg in late 2020 and early 2021. The City of Winnipeg is inviting residents to provide feedback, beginning with their awareness and views on small cell technology.

Small cells are versions of current antennas and towers that support cellular networks, but about the size of a wi-fi router. These smaller towers that can complement larger radio installations to improve coverage, add capacity, and support new services and user experiences, including 5G networks.

The Small Cell Technology Review is an opportunity to provide your opinions on small cell 5G technology prior to any testing being done by wireless carrier.

The Winnipeg Antenna System Policy currently includes guidelines for large antennas and towers that support existing cellular networks. The City will be coordinating with carriers during their trials to see how our existing policies, processes, and procedures regarding cellular infrastructure apply to 5G and small cells, and determine what, if any, amendments need to be made.

The City is not responsible for the regulation or monitoring of radio communications. Canada’s Radiofrequency Exposure Guidelines are developed at the federal level by Health Canada and regulated by Innovation, Science and Economic Development. Any company operating 5G or small cell technologies in Winnipeg would be required to adhere to these guidelines and receive approval from the federal government.

For more and information on the City’s role in small cell implementation and to get involved, visit: