Be one in a million: Tree challenge!

Be one in a million: Tree challenge!

 Winnipeggers love their trees but our incredible urban forest is at risk due to old age, disease, and invasive species. With the aim of protecting and expanding our city’s immense tree canopy, Mayor Brian Bowman and Council launched the Winnipeg Million Tree Challenge last fall to help protect, preserve, and grow Winnipeg’s incredible tree canopy.

This summer is a perfect time to join the Challenge and help support Winnipeg’s trees. Winnipeggers can now plant a tree and register it at: Be one in a million!

“I know that Winnipeg’s tree canopy is a source of pride for many Winnipeggers,” said Councillor John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry). “One of my duties moving forward will be to help promote and improve the Million Tree Challenge through engagement with Trees Winnipeg and other external stakeholders. I have been a longstanding supporter of helping make our community greener and I look forward to continuing those efforts through the Million Tree Challenge.”

In partnership with Trees Winnipeg and by building a team of residents, businesses, and not for profit groups, we aim to collectively plant one million trees before our population reaches one million people. It will be a community effort and everyone can get involved. We can all do our part to make Winnipeg healthier and greener for generations to come.

You can help by simply planting a tree in your yard. Talk to the experts and your local greenhouse or garden centre about what will grow best in your yard, and then tell us about it at:

You can also help by working with community groups that will be organizing group tree planting efforts once provincial public health orders are eased. Another way you can help is by donating to the Winnipeg Million Tree Challenge through under the designation “Winnipeg Million Tree Challenge”:

The Million Tree Challenge is off to a great start!

On the occasion of their 100th anniversary, Canadian National (CN) has recognized the vision of the Million Tree Challenge and committed $1 million to Tree Canada to support tree planting efforts in Winnipeg. Telpay Canada has also contributed $250,000 to the challenge.

Winnipeggers are showing their generosity by sending personal donations. It is a true community commitment.