Protect your bike this summer cycling season!

Protect your bike this summer cycling season!

Get your lost or stolen bike back with the City of Winnipeg’s Online Bike Registry.

Cycling is a popular activity this year with lots of new bikes on the road.

The City recovers up to 1,000 bicycles each year, with less than 10 percent returned to their rightful owners because they are untraceable. That’s 900 bikes we are looking to return each year.

With registration, if your stolen bicycle is located, you will be notified immediately and arrangements are made for you to get your bicycle back with no extra charge.

Registering is simple. It’s a one-time registration fee of $6.88 paid by credit card. You need to input the serial number of your bike and will then have the option to upload three images. It’s that easy!

For more details or to register your bike now, please visit the City’s Bike Registration page.

“The best way to protect your bicycle is with a good quality lock and to register it with the City’s Bicycle Recovery Section.”