Trees and Greenspace

Trees and Greenspace

Our parks, walking paths, playgrounds and tree canopy are all key parts of keeping our community healthy and active.

Since elected, I’ve been dedicated to consistently investing this aspect of our ward and together we have:

  • Increased funding to protect our trees and creating a neighbourhood tree replacement/removal program
  • Renewed all tennis courts and play structures throughout the ward
  • Upgraded our parks, including tree trimming, upgraded benches and walkways

Protecting our tree canopy

One of the most distinctive and important aspects of our community is our tree canopy. But we know that it’s facing a grave reality with the invasions of Dutch elm disease (DED) and the emerald ash borer (EAB).

As we are dealing with the infection and removal of many our senior trees, it’s crucial that we work to diversify our canopy with a variety of different species of trees to avoid a similar situation to what we are currently facing with the elms and ashes.

How to get involved:

River Heights Trees Working Group

Contact: Coun. Orlikow’s Office, 204-986-5236

Meeting a few times a year, I founded this group to ensure we have community-focused project to positively impact River Heights’ tree canopy. It’s funded through a working grant, provided by my office. If you have a tree project you would like to work on, please contact my office to join the group.

City of Winnipeg – Urban Forestry Department


This department is responsible for all aspects of modern urban forestry. This includes tree inventories, tree planting, watering and fertilizing, pruning, D.E.D. control, removal operations, public relations and education, extension services, group workshops, on-site inspections and contract administration.

Trees Winnipeg


Trees Winnipeg (The Coalition to Save the Elms) is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 in response to the heightened threat of Dutch elm disease to Winnipeg’s extraordinary American elms. In recent years, they’ve expanded their mission to also promote species diversity, tree planting, and heritage trees.

Trees Winnipeg programs include:

  • Forest Watch Program
    The Winnipeg Forest Watch Program is a campaign to monitor and raise awareness of invasive species such as EAB. More information:
  • Manitoba Heritage Trees
    The aim of the Manitoba Heritage Trees Program is to provide official recognition for trees that are important in the Manitoba landscape because of their importance to a community, their exceptional size, rarity, or historical significance. More information:
  • ReLeaf Tree Planting Program
    This program provides Winnipeg homeowners with quality, affordable trees for your private property, that are just the right size for planting yourself. For just $55 each, you’ll receive the tree collection(s) of your choice, along with all the supplies you need to give your new trees a healthy start. More information: