2020-2023 Budget Meetings Underway

2020-2023 Budget Meetings Underway

Each year, we all come together to discuss Winnipeg’s priorities.

It’s a challenging and important process to ensuring that our city – and our citizens –

have all that they need while we continue to find efficiencies and better ways to innovate our processes. I know keeping taxes low and services reliable are important to you – and it’s important to me too.

With the 2020-2023 budgets, we are undertaking a multi-year planning strategy for the first time. By looking at our finances for the next four years, we are able to better to provide stable and predictable funding for programs, services and the departments that deliver them.

But we want to hear from you too.

Separate meetings for budget presentations, delegations and recommendations are being held. For more information and a schedule of meetings, go to: https://www.winnipeg.ca/interhom/Budget/2020Budget/default.stm. Links to presentations will be added onto this page as they are made as will feedback email links.

If you would like to appear in delegation, information can be found at: https://www.winnipeg.ca/clerks/council/delegation.stm

And if you would like to provide feedback to me directly about the multi-year budget process, please email me at jorlikow@winnipeg.ca